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Compliance support

Submitting an application and securing funding is just the first step. Once you are awarded funding, there are reporting requirements that you have to meet. Our consultants will help you set up a suitable project accounting system and put the right structures in place to ensure that you meet your reporting obligations. We will advise you on how to comply with the specific (legislative) requirements that apply in each casehove

Our consultants will help you and your organisation set up a well-organised and transparent funding accounting system and advise you on how to meet your reporting requirements so your project accounting conforms to the guidelines issued by the funding body. This will ensure that you receive 100% of the funding allocated to your project and avoid the risk of fines or repayments. 

Advice on accounting

Funding bodies generally impose specific accounting requirements. Your existing accounting system may not meet these requirements. We will advise you on how to set up a compliant accounting system. 


Most funding programmes require you to submit interim and final reports to the funding body. Just as when you apply for funding, this involves specific procedures, forms and deadlines. Our consultants will assist you throughout the reporting process so you can make the best use of your valuable time.

(Preliminary) audits

Most funding programmes require you to maintain a project accounting system that provides the requisite information about the nature, content, scale and progress of your project. If you want to ensure that your accounting system meets the requirements, our consultants will check your time and project accounting for errors or omissions. The funding body may want to conduct an audit on site. Depending on what is at stake, you may wish to arrange a preliminary audit. We will help you to prepare as fully as possible so you pass the audit with flying colours. 

Government audits

The Government Audit Department (Auditdienst Rijk (ADR)) or a European Audit Office may wish to audit large projects funded by the EU or the Dutch government. A visit from these audit agencies requires thorough preparation. Knowledge of the programme in question is essential. We will go through your funding accounting with you prior to the audit. Our consultants will advise you on how to answer the auditor’s questions during and after the audit.

More information

For more information, please email Roy Hoven or call him on +31 (0)73 646 5475.

Reference cases

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