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Agribusiness spans the agri-food, horticulture and raw materials, and livestock sectors. Each of these sectors faces specific challenges and innovation is key. As an entrepreneur in any of these sectors, various tax credit and funding opportunities are open to you.

Our consultants follow developments in agribusiness closely and are aware of what is happening in your industry. They also have extensive knowledge of and will proactively advise you on relevant tax credit and funding opportunities. The dedicated personal service they provide will enable you to take full advantage of the opportunities available to you.


The agri-food industry faces great challenges. We are currently undergoing a protein transition, with plant-based proteins accounting for an ever-greater portion of our diet. Yet there is no decrease in animal protein consumption as the population continues to grow. Consumers are more discerning when it comes to products and production, with sustainability being an increasingly important issue. The government is putting growing pressure on the industry to make food production energy and carbon-neutral. End-to-end automation and full transparency are essential to achieve these goals. Innovation is the solution on all fronts and is supported by funding programmes.

Horticulture and raw materials

The horticulture sector is characterised by a high degree of innovation. Horticulturalists and plant breeders, as well as their suppliers, are dedicating significant time and attention to innovation. As a result, the Dutch sector is known throughout the world for its efficiency, sustainability and expertise. Opportunities offered by various European funding programmes will enable the sector to retain its leading position.


The many challenges faced by the livestock sector present opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking to invest in innovation and modernisation. In recent years, more funding opportunities have become available to help livestock entrepreneurs adapt their businesses to climate, social and environmental change. Issues such as animal welfare, animal health and social acceptance are increasingly important factors.

More information

For more information, call our innovation manager Hans Jacobs on +31 (0)736 465 475 or send Hans an email. He will help you understand your options, explain the rules and advise you on how to successfully apply for funding.


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    Horizon Europe

    If your company or knowledge institution is engaged in international research, technology development and/or innovation, you may be eligible for Horizon Europe funding.

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    If you are an SME conducting high-tech research and development with partners in other countries, you may be eligible for a Eurostars grant.

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    Could your project help strengthen Europe’s innovation capability and contribute to a healthier environment?

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    LIFE supports innovative projects aligned with EU environment, nature conservation and climate policy.