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    16 November 2021

    Finance your innovation with Innovation Credit

    Groundbreaking innovations require a substantial amount of money. However, not every entrepreneur has the financial scope to make the necessary investments. The Innovation Credit provides financing.
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    6 October 2021

    Popularity of MIT-Zuid requires high quality project plan

    Until early September, applications for MIT R&D subsidies could be submitted. It comes as no surprise that a great many applications were submitted. A high-quality project plan is therefore paramount.
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    Working towards a sustainable maritime sector with EMVAF subsidy

    Are you active in the maritime sector and do you want to invest in sustainable innovation? Then the EMVAF, the European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund, offers subsidy possibilities.
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    9 June 2021

    Cluster 4 Horizon Europe: Industry, Digital and Space

    Are you, as an entrepreneur, investing in a green and digital transition? Then check your opportunities within Cluster 4 Horizon Europe: Industry, Digital and Space.
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    27 May 2021

    Addressing global challenges with Horizon Europe

    The Horizon Europe programme consists of three pillars. One of those pillars focuses on ´Global challenges and Industrial competitiveness'. An overview of the possibilities.
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    EIT, Funding for sustainable growth and competitiveness

    European Institute of Innovation and Technology is a initiative that drives innovation across Europe by uniting business, academia & research in the search for solutions to pressing global challenges.
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    EIC programme: for disruptive innovation

    Through the European Innovation Council (EIC), the EU helps companies with the commercialisation of high-risk and high-impact technologies. 
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    International opportunities for innovation

    For those who are innovating and aim to roll out their innovation and/or research worldwide: there are multiple instruments to support you in your innovation process.
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    10 May 2021

    Taking high-risk technologies to the market with EIC Transition

    Did you use EIC Pathfinder, FET Flagships or ERC Proof of Concept for your innovation? And do you want to prepare your technology for market introduction? Now you can apply for EIC Transition.