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    Launch of European Innovation Council EIC

    On 18 March, the European Commission launched the European Innovation Council (EIC). The € 10 billion budget clearly shows the huge ambitions.
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    Apply now for the Sustainable Shipbuilding grant

    Do you wish to invest in an innovation project aimed at sustainable shipbuilding? The Sustainable Shipbuilding grant SDS has opened again for applications!
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    Grant options ESF in 2021

    This year the European Social Fund (ESF) offers funding opportunities if you focus on support and training of vulnerable working people and job seekers.
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    MIT grant important for young companies that wish to be innovative

    At Next Level Electronics, they are working hard on the development of a reliable and high-quality electric PCB motor. Subsidiefocus applied for the MIT grant.
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    As from mid-summer, grants available to make your real estate sustainable

    In July 2021, the grant scheme Reduction Landlord Levy Sustainabilization (RVVV) will open again for applications. The RVVV is a grant scheme that supports making real estate more sustainable.
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    As from 15 March, grants for purchase of electrical delivery vans

    On 15 March, the previously announced grant scheme Zero Emission Vans (SEBA) will open. This SEBA scheme aims at encouraging entrepreneurs to invest in zero emission vehicles.
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    En route to a sustainable Europe with the Green Deal

    The European Green Deal is a roadmap to make the economy of the European Union more sustainable. In the coming years, several financial instruments will be available to support your investments.
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    Innovation at a higher pace in Europe: the EIC Accelerator

    As an entrepreneur, are you involved in innovation and development? Then, in addition to national grant schemes, there are European grant schemes available that might also be of interest for you.
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    Research and Development (Promotion) Act WBSO

    Would you like to decrease your financial burden from R&D projects? Then the WBSO scheme could be of interest for you.