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    9 December 2020

    Commission invests €100 million in innovative clean technology projects

    Building up on the success of the first call for large-scale projects, the European Commission recently launched the Innovation Fund call for small-scale projects.
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    9 December 2020

    Extra Eurostars grant for SMEs in hightech sector

    In 2020, SMEs in the hightech sector could make use of the Eurostars 2 grant programme. Since the new Eurostars 3 programme is not yet ready, there is an extra call in the tranisition period.
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    16 November 2020

    WSBO inspection in times of Covid: less visits, but not less strict!

    The Netherlands Enterprise Agency is responsible for a correct use of the WSBO scheme. Due to the Covid pandemic, many company visits are being replaced by WSBO desk inspections. Be extra alert!
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    10 November 2020

    SDE++ call for investments in renewable energy production

    Do you wish to invest in sustainable energy? Or contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions? As of 24 November 2020, you can submit a grant application for the SDE ++ scheme.
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    Innovating for a better climate with HER+

    In order to meet the climate targets for 2030, much innovation is required, which is why the Dutch government has broadened the grant scheme Renewable Energy (HER) to HER+.
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    8 October 2020

    Seed Capital scheme open again to technical start-ups

    For many start-ups, it is a challenge to find sufficient capital in order to develop their innovation. The Seed Capital scheme for technical and creative start-ups offers a solution.
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    Innovating sustainably in 2021

    In 2021, the Dutch government will take various measures in order to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow again and safeguard the innovative character of our economy.
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    14 September 2020

    Dutch companies now also eligible for European AI project grants

    Artificial Intelligence has the future. As from October 2020, Dutch companies will be eligible for subsidies for participation in AI projects in a European context.
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    Subsidy brings dream Hardt Hyperloop a step closer

    2028 should see the realisation of the first hyperloop connection. On behalf of Hardt Hyperloop Subsidiefocus has applied for the MIT R&D subsidy.