Taking high-risk technologies to the market with EIC Transition

10 May 2021

Did you use the EIC Pathfinder, FET Flagships or ERC Proof of Concept for the development of an innovation? And do you want to prepare your technology for market introduction? As from 19 May 2021, you can apply for EIC Transition funding.

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Jeroen van de Put Innovation consultant

EIC Transition Projects

Do you invest in high-risk innovation with plenty of international potential? The European Innovation Council (EIC), part of Horizon Europe, offers three grant instruments that succeed each other in terms of Technology Readiness Level (TRL):

  • EIC Pathfinder for innovations up to and including TRL 3/4
  • EIC Transition for innovations at TRL 3/4 and 5/6
  • EIC Accelerator for innovations at TRL from 5/6 up to and including 9.

The EIC Transition instrument focusses on ground-breaking technologies that are ready for the next step towards market introduction. It offers two options: the EIC Transition Open and the EIC Transition Challenges. Both instruments will be open for applications from 19 May until 22 September 2021 and you can submit your applications in two different ways:

  • independently as an SME, spin-off, start-up, research organisation, or university;
  • or jointly in the form of a small consortium with a maximum of 5 partners.

The grants will amount to a maximum of €2.5 million, however, higher amounts are available if you can demonstrate that your project requires more funding. Initiatives must build upon results from the EIC Pathfinder, FET Flagships, and ERC proof-of-concept projects.

During the first half of 2022, the EIC will decide to which projects grants will be allocated.

EIC Open Transition

The EIC Open Transition offers grants for innovative technologies that are in a final stage and ready to be validated in laboratories or similar environments. The instrument aims at enabling ideas to upgrade from TRL 4 to TRL 6. Additionally, you are expected to provide a business model and plan for further commercialisation. You could use the EIC Accelerator for the next steps.

In 2021, a total of €60 million will be made available. Your project proposal does not need to be targeted to a predefined theme in order to rely on the EIC Open Transition.

EIC Transition Challenges

In addition to the EIC Open Transition, there will also be the EIC Transition Challenges, which are aimed at specific technologies or applications within one of the following themes:

  • Medical technology and devices: from lab to patient
  • Energy harvesting and storage technologies.

The EIC Transition Challenges aim at bringing projects from TRL 3/4 to TRL 5/6. Additionally, you are expected to provide a business model and a plan for further commercialisation.

In addition to the EIC Transition Open Budget, the EIC Transition Challenges have their own budget. For the coming period, a budget of €40.5 million has been made available from Next Generation EU, as this concerns strategically important initiatives that contribute to a green, digital and resilient recovery from the Covid crisis.

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