Sustainable employability of staff? ESF offers opportunities

27 July 2020

Do you want to invest in sustainable employability of staff? Then the European Social Fund (ESF) offers funding opportunities. You can receive a subsidy for the drafting or implementation of a company advice by an external consultant in order to keep your employees working longer and increase their productivity.

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Roy Hoven Manager Subsidiefocus
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The objective of this European subsidy scheme is to keep people working longer and productively and to focus on an age-aware human resources policy. If your employees are motivated and vital, there will be less absenteeism due to illness and labour productivity within your company will increase. As an employer you can, within the scope of your project, engage an external consultant to obtain an advice including an implementation plan in the area of sustainable employability of staff, or to get support for the implementation of such a plan.

Subsidy scheme Sustainable Employability for Companies/Institutions

You can receive 50% subsidy for the costs of an external consultant for an advice and/or implementation plan to promote the sustainable employability amongst your employees. The subsidy amounts to a minimum of € 6,000 and a maximum of € 12,500. It is not known yet when the next call for this subsidy will open.

The consultants of Subsidiefocus have ample experience with applications for funds provided by the European Social Fund. In addition, our consultants Human Resource management can, together with you, translate your plans for sustainable employability into practice and support you with the implementation.

Other grant options for sustainable employability of your staff

In addition to the European Social Fund, your company could be eligible for more interesting grants to enhance sustainable employability of your staff. For example, subsidies for practical learning to stimulate the training of future professional staff, whereby you, as an SME entrepreneur, receive a subsidy for the development of activities to this end, or a subsidy for the provision of skills courses in the field of language, arithmetic and digitisation.

Do you want to take steps to increase the vitality of your employees? For more information, please contact Roy Hoven, manager Subsidiefocus, via phone 073-6465475 or send Roy an email. He will be happy to advise you about the possibilities and conditions of a successful application for subsidies.

Would you like to know more about the ESF? Our consultant will gladly assist you!

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Portrait photo of Roy Hoven
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