RIS3 defines that innovations in southern Netherlands will have to focus on ‘transitions’ in next years

25 August 2020

Recently, the provinces Zeeland, Noord-Brabant and Limburg published their new Regional Innovation Strategy Policy (RIS3) for the years 2021-2027. For you as an entrepreneur, this could be interesting, because, if your innovation aligns with one of the policy themes, your chances of receiving a grant will increase.

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RIS3 Policy and MIT and OpZuid subsidy applications

Each Dutch region has drafted a RIS3 Policy outlining the themes which the region wishes to prioritise. Recently, the new RIS3 Policy for the three southern provinces up to 2027 was published. If you are thinking about innovation in the coming years and you wish to apply for a grant, it is key to substantiate how your project will align with the themes the provinces wish to target. This applies, among other things, to the popular subsidy schemes SME Innovation stimulation programme for Top sectors (MIT) and OPZuid.

MIT and OpZuid regional themes

If you wish to qualify for the MIT or OpZuid subsidy, you must submit your application to a regional desk. For the southern provinces, this is Stimulus, the implementing organisation for the provinces of Zeeland, Noord-Brabant and Limburg. Stimulus assesses all applications on the basis of a number of criteria, including Innovation, Business Case, Budget and Appropriateness to Objective’. It is precisely the latter criterion for which you need to substantiate that your project strategically aligns with the themes as set out in the RIS3 Policy. If your project does not fit well with this policy, the provinces will be less inclined to support you with a grant. It is therefore paramount to effectively substantiate why your project will contribute to these themes.

New strategic focus for the southern Netherlands

In the past years, the southern provinces of the Netherlands primarily focussed on enhancing the economic clusters and top sectors that were already established here. The new strategic policy of the three provinces has a more societal character. For the years 2021 - 2027, the three provinces have chosen to focus on five societal transitions:

  1. the energy transition
  2. the resource transition
  3. the climate transition
  4. the agricultural and food transition
  5. the health transition

The five transitions cannot be separated from a number of societal trends and developments. In addition, the RIS3 Policy pays specific attention to the themes Labour market and Digitalisation. The provinces believe it is important to also support research and developments in businesses in the years to come in order to realise successful transitions. When allocating subsidies, the provinces are therefore looking as much as possible for new, innovative projects that can contribute to these transitions.

Does your innovation fit within the scope of the strategic policy?

Are you, as an entrepreneur located in the southern Netherlands, working on the development of a new product, production process or new service and do you wish to use a grant to partly finance this development? This autumn, the MIT R&D collaboration scheme still offers options for grants. We from Subsidiefocus are happy to advise you on how to successfully substantiate your project. Please contact Roy Hoven by calling 073-6465575 or send Roy an email.

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