Popularity of MIT-Zuid requires high quality project plan

6 October 2021

Until early September, applications for MIT R&D subsidies could be submitted. A splendid opportunity to receive support for the realisation of development projects. It comes as no surprise that a great many applications were submitted. A high-quality project plan is therefore paramount.

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Joost Janssen Innovation manager

MIT R&D subsidy

Until 9 September, the SME in the Southern Netherlands region could apply for the SME Innovation stimulation programme for Top sectors (MIT). This subsidy is extremely popular among entrepreneurs who want to work together on the development of an innovation. No less than 91 applications were submitted. The available budget was €8.47 million, which means it was overspent by a factor 2.3.

High-quality project plan

All submitted applications will be assessed based on the content of the plans. The projects will then be ranked on the basis of quality, after which it will be announced which plans will receive support. An approval for the MIT R&D scheme will provide your project and business with additional opportunities for development and expansion. As the scheme is very popular, your project plan needs to be of excellent quality. The content must stand out to impress the assessors.

Ask for support

By now, the Innovation consultants working at Subsidiefocus have gained years of experience with regard to the MIT scheme. And as we have in-house specialists for every industry, we are able to offer you tailor-made support. Are you considering submitting an application next year? Please get in touch, and together we can draw up a promising project plan.

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