New opportunities for EIC winners!

2 July 2020

Are you a winner of the EIC Accelerator program (previously known as SME Instrument) or did you receive funding under the EIC Pathfinder program? Then the new EIC Scalator Pilot may offer new opportunities for your business.

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Roy Hoven Manager Subsidiefocus

EIC Scalator Pilot

Only 5% of European start-ups scale up to become world tech leaders (source: European Commission). As these high-growth companies provide for considerable job creation and economic benefits, the European Innovation Council (EIC) has launched the EIC Scalator Pilot. With a budget of €1.5M, the pilot aims to address the needs of EIC beneficiaries with the potential to scale up and become sustainable global deep-tech leaders.

The new pilot focusses on beneficiaries that are ready for funding rounds above €50 million, following their initial funding rounds provided by the Pathfinder and the Accelerator instruments. The instrument does not provide direct financial support to the beneficiaries, but arranges for a custom-made service to connect beneficiaries to corporates, investors, international markets, stock exchanges, and likeminded entrepreneurs in order to accelerate growth.

Selection criteria

Up to 30 of the most promising EIC-funded tech companies will receive support. The following selection criteria apply:

  • annual growth potential circa 50-100%;
  • validated scalable business model;
  • significant revenue traction;
  • deep-tech innovation that disrupts existing markets;
  • ambition to expand into new markets;
  • potential to expand internationally;
  • revenue from international markets and commercially self-sufficient.

Do the above-mentioned criteria apply to your business and would you like to find out whether your company is eligible for support under the EIC Scalator Pilot? Then we will be happy to discuss your opportunities and draw up your proposal for or together with you.

The deadline for the submission of proposals is 2 September 2020.

Are you interested? Please do not hesitate to contact Roy Hoven, manager Subsidiefocus, by calling +31 (0)73-6465475 or send Roy an email


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