LIFE subsidy scheme invests € 400 million in climate and environment

27 July 2020

LIFE is a European subsidy scheme aimed at projects that contribute positively to nature, environment and climate in Europe. These projects should focus on the elaboration or practical implementation of policies. Do you, as an entrepreneur, wish to contribute in 2020?

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The LIFE subsidy scheme is composed of three parts.

1. LIFE Environment

This call for proposals focuses in particular on nature conservation and biodiversity.  However, projects in the area of environment and resource efficiency are also eligible for funding.

Nature and biodiversity

This sub-programme offers scope for projects that focus on the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity, the living environment and the richness of animal and plant species. Projects aiming at the implementation of European zones that connect and maintain habitats are eligible for funding as well. The subsidy can amount to as much as 60% of the total budget. For 2020, proposals had to be submitted on 16 July 2020. The LIFE subsidy scheme, however, offers new funding possibilities on an annual basis. In due course, the dates for the next calls will be published on our website.

Environment and resource efficiency

This part of the LIFE subsidy scheme offers funding for projects aiming at demonstrating, developing, implementing or monitoring new innovative techniques. These techniques should ensure that the use of the environment causes as little as possible negative impact. The subsidy can amount to as much as 55%. For 2020, proposals had to be submitted on 14 July 2020 at the latest and the complete subsidy application must be submitted on 6 October. In due course, the dates for the next calls will be published on our website.

2. LIFE Climate action

This programme focuses on abatement of and adjustment to climate change. Do you want to invest in measures that will combat climate changes? Or are you involved in research and development in this field? Then you can submit a proposal.

Projects Climate action

LIFE Climate action is designed for projects geared towards renewable energy, energy efficiency and responsible agricultural land use. Additionally, sustainable projects that aim to prevent drought, bush fires, floods and water shortages are sought after.

You can apply for a grant for development projects, pilot projects and demonstration projects that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Particularly close-to-market techniques and solutions that are ready to be implemented at a short term are eligible. In addition, there is a call for projects focusing on knowledge sharing regarding new techniques. The subsidy can amount to as much as 55%.

The complete subsidy application for LIFE Climate action projects can be submitted until 6 October 2020.

3. Integrated LIFE Environment and LIFE Climate action projects

This part of the programme covers the integrated projects. These are projects in which various EU member states join together strategically to ensure the realisation of a common goal. This concerns goals which are defined in EU action plans and the climate agreement. Projects take place on a national or regional scale. The maximum term is ten years. The subsidy percentage is 60% with an average project receiving co-financing of € 10 million.

Subsidy applications must be submitted no later than 6 October 2020. You have until 21 February 2021 for the complete application.

More information

The LIFE subsidy scheme is complex and the project diversity is considerable. Do you want to invest in an environmental or climate project and are you curious about the funding opportunities within the LIFE scheme? Don’t hesitate to contact Boudewijn Zuijderhoudt, innovation consultant, by calling 073-6465337 or sent Boudewijn an email.

Want more information on the LIFE subsidy scheme? Our specialist will gladly assist you!

Portrait photo of Boudewijn Zuijderhoudt
Boudewijn Zuijderhoudt
Innovation consultant
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