Innovating for a better climate with HER+

20 October 2020

In order to meet the climate targets for 2030, much innovation is required, which is why the Dutch government has broadened the grant scheme Renewable Energy (HER) to HER+. HER+ offers support to a wider range of innovative projects and aims at cost-effectively reducing CO2 emissions.  

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Roy Hoven Manager Subsidiefocus
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CO2-reduction with HER+

The Dutch government considers promotion of innovation in the area of CO2 very important. That is why the HER scheme has been expanded to HER+. The purpose of the scheme is dual; on the one hand, HER+ has to ensure that we meet the climate targets. On the other hand, the HER+ projects should contribute to savings on the expenses of the Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Transition (SDE++) Scheme. Eventually, this should reduce the costs of the energy transition.

HER+ Projects

The HER+ scheme specifically focuses on projects that are at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6 to 8. However, projects including also work packages at TRL 4 or 5 are not exempt. The following activities are eligible:

  1. Projects that reduce the production costs of renewable energy.
  2. Projects that reduce the production costs of offshore wind power.
  3. Projects that combine production and storage of renewable energy.
  4. Projects that combine production of renewable energy and smart grids at a decentralised level.
  5. Projects with renewable energy options that are not covered by the SDE++ scheme and for which innovation will make additional production feasible.

Other projects

Do you wish to invest in a technique aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, which is not mentioned in the HER+ scheme? Even then, you might be eligible for a grant. The precondition being that this application will result in savings on the SDE ++ scheme. For additional CO2 reduction, you might think of:

  • A broader scope of applications
  • Demonstrable increase of the possibility to reduce CO2  emissions
  • A change of scale in technique that is not to be expected in the course of normal development.

Applying for HER+

If you are interested in the HER+ scheme, you can apply for this grant until 31 March 2021. A budget of €30 million has been made available for the scheme. Projects will be assessed in order of receipt. The subsidy you are entitled to can amount to as much as 50% of the total costs to be made. The precise amount of your grant will depend on the size of your company and the technique for which you apply.

More information

Do you want to innovate in the area of CO2 reduction and claim a subsidy under the HER+ scheme? Please contact Roy Hoven, manager Subsidiefocus, on +31 (0)73 646 5475 or send Roy an email. He will be happy to advise you about the possibilities and the conditions for a successful subsidy application.

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Portrait photo of Roy Hoven
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