Extra Eurostars grant for SMEs in hightech sector

9 December 2020

In 2020, SMEs in the hightech research and development sector could make use of the Eurostars 2 grant programme. This programme will come to an end in late 2020. Since the new Eurostars 3 programme is not yet ready, the European Commission and the Eureka network will produce an extra call for projects for the transition period.

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Joost Janssen Innovation manager

Eurostars programme

The Eurostars programme is aimed at supporting SMEs in carrying out market-oriented, technological developments. International collaboration is the main focus here. By working together, entrepreneurs can increase their knowledge and skills in the field of R&D. Innovation projects take place more quickly and more effectively. The time-to-market is reduced; the technical risks are smaller. The Eurostars programme is aimed at the development of technology for new products, processes or services.

The extra opening has just been approved, and the new call for projects has opened. You can submit your application up until 4 February 2021 at the latest.

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Portrait photo of Joost Janssen
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