En route to a sustainable Europe with the Green Deal

11 March 2021

The European Green Deal is a roadmap to make the economy of the European Union more sustainable. Do you, as an entrepreneur, wish to contribute to this? In the coming years, several financial instruments will be available to support your investments.

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Green Deal

Green Deal: the objectives

Climate change and its deteriorating effects on our environment form a huge threat to Europe and the rest of the world. To lower this burden on environment and climate, the European Union has developed a new growth strategy, called the Green Deal. The Green Deal objective is to not just grow in volumes and numbers; in the years to come, this growth should also be sustainable. It means that the burden on environment and climate on our continent should not increase, but preferably decrease. In this way, Europe will be able to continuously develop.

With the support of industries from all European Member States teaming up, the Green Deal aims at realising an economy which is resource-efficient and competitive, while:

  • reducing the net emissions of greenhouse gasses to zero by 2050
  • enhancing economic growth without depletion of resources
  • leaving no people or regions behind.

Financial instruments

The European Green Deal offers an action plan to make the EU economy more sustainable. To enable this, all policy areas should work together and the transition should be realised as inclusively as possible. Everyone should be able to contribute to the goals. For the Green Deal objectives to be successful, public authorities and industries must act together. This is why in the next few years, new financial instruments will be introduced and investments will be stimulated.

More information will be published on our website as soon as we know more about the Green Deal calls.

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