As from mid-summer, grants available to make your real estate sustainable

15 March 2021

In July 2021, the grant scheme Reduction Landlord Levy Sustainabilization (RVVV) will open again for applications. The RVVV is a grant scheme that supports making real estate more sustainable. Do you rent out houses in the public sector and would you like to invest in making these more sustainable? Then the RVVV grant could offer you opportunities.

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Joost Janssen Innovation manager
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Grants for making real estate more sustainable 

The grant scheme Reduction Landlord Levy Sustainabilization (RVVV) is aimed at encouraging and supporting landlords of social housing in the process of making their real estate more sustainable. You can apply for the RVVV grant to replace the natural gas installations with electrical installations or to improve the energy performance of houses with at least three steps. The benefit to be obtained is a tax allowance and concerns a reduction of the Landlord levy. In this way, the RVVV grant supports you in your efforts to make your real estate more sustainable.

Conditions for the RVVV grant

In order to receive this grant, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • As a social housing association or landlord, you own more than fifty public sector rented houses.
  • You pay landlord levy.
  • You improve the houses from an energy perspective with at least 3 steps in the NTA8800 energy efficiency class.
  • All the houses have an energy label class B or higher.
  • You will make a minimum investment per house, depending on the required number of steps in the NTA8800 energy efficiency class.
  • You will ensure that the renovation works will be completed within three years after the grant application and that the houses will be reported as a completed investment.

Do you wish to know more?

As from 1 July, you can apply for a RVVV grant. In total, the budget amounts to €150 million which will allow for 40,000 social houses to be made sustainable. Do you wish to invest in your real estate? Then contact Joost Janssen, innovation manager, by calling 073-6465338 or send Joost an e-mail.

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Portrait photo of Joost Janssen
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