Apply for a DKTI grant in March for zero-emission vehicles

3 February 2021

In March 2021, the grant scheme Demonstration Climate technologies and Innovations in Transport (DKTI) will open. The scheme was amended this year to accelerate the scale-up of zero-emission vehicles.

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Joost Janssen Innovation manager
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DKTI for sustainable transport

For entrepreneurs who think the transition to sustainability is important and who are willing to invest for instance in zero-emission transport, the DKTI grant is a well-known scheme. In 2021, the government intends to offer additional support to these entrepreneurs for the scale-up and practical application of innovations. This is why an extra category was added to the DKTI scheme: ‘Learn by Using’, or in other words: the testing ground. This category will allow companies to use zero-emission vehicles in daily practice with a grant.

DKTI Conditions

Currently, the transport sector is faced with a number of challenges when it comes to zero-emission vehicles, such as charging times, driving range and flexibility. A group of pioneers in this sector will be offered the chance to test and share the acquired knowledge with other companies. For each transport category, a budget has been set. Projects for road, rail, water and air are sought after. Moreover, mobile machinery will also be eligible for grants, just as investments in local infrastructural provisions. A project may run for three years and the amount of the grant depends on the mode of transport.

Other categories DKTI

In addition to ‘Learn by Using’, there are other categories for which you can apply for a DKTI grant.

Feasibility studies

  • Duration maximum six months
  • Application as a partnership or joint venture
  • Aimed at low-emission vehicles, alternative fuels and/or rollout of these. Analysis from ‘potential’ to ‘project in experimental stage’ is also eligible.

Experimental development

  • Duration maximum two years
  • Apply alone or as a partnership
  • Aimed at the acceleration of development of low-emission modes of transport on the road, rail, water, or in the air. The rollout or use of infrastructure for alternative fuels from renewable sources is also eligible.

Innovation clusters

  • Duration maximum one year
  • Application as an independent company
  • Aimed at promoting the innovation of sustainable transport, sharing facilities and exchanging knowledge and expertise.

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Portrait photo of Joost Janssen
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