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Innovation funding

Horizon 2020

European research and innovation funding

If your company or knowledge institution is engaged in international research, technology development and/or innovation, you may be eligible for Horizon 2020 funding.

About Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is the European Union’s largest research and innovation programme. Its objective is to ensure Europe’s global competitiveness in research and innovation and to create jobs. It seeks to maximise European added value and its three main pillars are aligned with the EU agenda for growth and jobs (Europe 2020) and the Innovation Union flagship initiative. These three pillars are:

  • Excellent Science
    To maintain and strengthen Europe’s leading position in scientific excellence.
  • Industrial Leadership
    To help innovative European businesses become world-leading companies.
  • Societal Challenges
    To combine resources and support multidisciplinary efforts to achieve Europe 2020 targets.

Who can apply?

The programme offers funding opportunities for businesses and organisations engaged in international research, technology development and/or innovation.


Horizon 2020 was launched in 2014 and will run until the end of 2020. The overall budget is in excess of € 70 billion.

Rules for funding

Eligibility for Horizon 2020 funding is determined by rules. The programme offers a wide range of funding opportunities for research and innovation activities through calls for proposals. Some of these calls address societal challenges, others promote disruptive innovation by SMEs. The rules differ in each case. Some calls require a consortium to apply, others are open to individual applicants.

Applying for funding

Calls for proposals are issued throughout the year. Our consultants will help you identify the calls best suited to your innovation. They can also advise you on how to set up a project. If you have a good idea or a promising innovation, we can put you in touch with possible partners to implement the project.

More information about Horizon 2020

There are a range of funding opportunities. For more information about Horizon 2020, please contact Roy Hoven, manager Subsidiefocus, by calling +31 (0)73-6465475 or send Roy an email. He will help you understand your options and explain the rules.



  • Robotization in logistics and packaging industry


    The European logistics sector is among the best in the world. Its distinctive capability is based on the continent’s high-grade road and waterway infrastructure.

  • Strawberry in glasshouse


    Agribusiness spans the agri-food, horticulture and raw materials, and livestock sectors. Each of these sectors faces specific challenges and innovation is key.

  • Doing research

    Life Sciences and Health

    Increasing life expectancy and population ageing pose serious societal challenges.

  •  Solar panels for energy

    Energy and climate

    We are facing the greatest energy transition in history. To meet the targets of the Paris Agreement, the EU must reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40%.

  •  Meeting about high-tech systems

    High-tech systems and materials & IT

    Europe holds a leading global position regarding innovation in the high-tech systems and materials sector.

  • Chemistry lab


    Europe is among the world leaders in the areas of fundamental chemistry research, food ingredients, coatings and high-performance materials.