Will 2020 be the year of artificial intelligence?

21 January 2020

The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in recent years is creating far more scope for new applications. The Netherlands is well positioned to lead research in this field, but most of it is being done by large companies. Many other companies have yet to start grappling with big data, let alone AI. This is partly because it is difficult to estimate the cost and long-term profitability of big data and AI. 

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Financial support for big data and artificial intelligence

In line with government policy to promote use of big data and artificial intelligence (AI) in the corporate sector, Dutch State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy Mona Keijzer set up a Strategic Action Plan for Artificial Intelligence. In addition to promoting research and development of specific applications, the conditions required for successful application of AI attention are also being addressed. These include things such as education, data use, digital infrastructure and the development of appropriate ethical and legal frameworks to protect citizens’ rights. In addressing these issues, the government hopes to alleviate entrepreneurs’ concerns and create a more positive investment climate. 

Synergy between research, education and business

The first step is a public-private partnership. 65 parties operating within the context of the Netherlands AI Coalition are researching how to create greater synergies between research, education and business. 

Regional Development Agencies are also exploring how the government can foster entrepreneurship within their regions. The government has earmarked around € 45 million for research and innovation on AI. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate will award around € 15 million of this to businesses participating in EU technology programmes through its funding programme for international innovation projects. Upcoming EU funding programmes, Horizon Europe and Digital Europe, will provide an additional € 7.5 billion for AI. And further funding opportunities will become available as the policy agenda becomes take shape. 

Applying for funding

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