Subsidy for collaboration in the food chain: ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’

28 January 2021

Collaboration is the key to success, whether you are working on moving towards a circular economy in your sector, creating personalized sports nutrition or whether you are working on the robotization of production processes.

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Celine Huiskamp Innovation consultant
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The core of the SME Innovation for Top Sectors (MIT) subsidy is just that. With MIT R&D subsidy, it is possible to receive up to € 350.000 for joint R&D projects involving two or more SMEs for the development of new products, services or production processes using industrial research or experimental development. Thus, reach out to the Foodvalley-network (or somewhere else) for a partner, and apply for this subsidy for your innovation!

Subsidy amount

The maximum amount of subsidy is € 350.000 per project, with a maximum of €175.000 per partner. The MIT R&D grant covers 35% of the total project costs. Examples of costs which are eligible for this subsidy are personnel costs, material costs, subcontractor-costs, (external) test- and research costs and depreciation costs.


In order to apply for the MIT R&D grant, at least two Dutch SMEs have to work on collaborative industrial research and/or experimental development. The involved project partners carry their own technological and financial risk in the development, and all partners are involved in the commercialisation of the resulting product, service or process. Projects earn extra points if the consortium contains a cross-over of different Top Sectors, e.g. agrifood and ICT. The innovation has to be completed within two years after the project commenced.

Application procedure

Applications for the MIT subsidy have to be submitted at the regional or domestic authority, depending on the location and activities of the project. Applications are evaluated and ranked based on quality, and the level of competition is high. 

More information

For more information about subsidy for collaboration in the food chain, you are welcome to contact Celine Huiskamp, innovation consultant, on +31 (0)73 646 5321 or send Celine a mail. She will be happy to advise you on the opportunities and requirements.

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