Rocket Reloaded: The starting shot for your innovation project

5 September 2019

Would you like to work towards high-level innovative solutions in a Dutch-German collaboration? If so, you will be very interested to hear about that funding scheme that the Interreg VA Program is opening this autumn.

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Roy Hoven Manager Subsidiefocus
rocket reloaded

Cross-border innovation projects

The goal of the Interreg VA Programme is to enhance the private sector’s competitiveness through cross-border innovation projects. The Rocket (RegiOnal Collaboration in Key Enabling Technologies) programme for cross-border collaboration in the area of technology makes it possible to accelerate the development of key technologies. The successor to the Rocket programme is now being set up: Rocket Reloaded. The new programme will open for applications for Dutch-German innovation projects in the autumn.

Grant conditions

Applications must focus on innovation in the area of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs). These are innovations that form the building blocks for many of the innovations that will be needed to confront societal challenges, such as the application of technologies including photonics, nanotechnology, new materials and micro- and nano-electronics to develop concrete, innovative products.

Healthy, energy and production

The new funding round focuses on applications in the areas of health, energy and production.

Collaborations should include at least one SME from both the German and the Dutch project areas. Each proposal may include up to € 275.000 in expenses and the successful applications will be awarded a grant worth 60% of the costs to implement their project.

If you would like to receive a grant for your cross-border innovation, contact the Subsidiefocus consultants and they will be happy to tell you more about the opportunities for your project. Subsidiefocus has a wide-ranging network that can play a role in initiating collaborations.

If you would you like to know more about Rocket Reloaded, call our innovation manager Roy Hoven on +31 (0)736 465 475 or send Roy an email

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Portrait photo of Roy Hoven
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