‘Knowledge and expertise are essential when applying’

6 June 2017

NTrans Technologies specialises in intracellular delivery of bioactive molecules and has developed a technology to introduce proteins into cells to correct genetic defects, such as the one that causes Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Together with Subsidiefocus, NTrans secured funding from Kansen voor West through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). “When applying for funding, you have to understand the social and economic impact.”

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Marco de Boer, NTrans Technologies

In 2015 CEO Marco de Boer was put in touch with Niels Geijsen, a professor of regenerative medicine at the University of Utrecht. “I had just completed my MBA and was looking for a unique idea to start a business. My background in molecular biology made the biotechnology sector the obvious choice. As it happened, Niels was also looking for a business partner to start up NTrans. His plans for the company dovetailed closely with my ideas. He had developed the technology and was ready to market it.”

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

At the moment NTrans deals mainly with researchers who purchase the technology package for research purposes. Eventually, the startup wants to apply the technology to treat patients. De Boer: “To prepare for the future, we need € 800,000. Since we don't have this kind of money, we decided to apply to the ERDF, which provides funding to accelerate innovation. We held the first meeting with the Utrecht city authorities ourselves, but quickly realised that, to write a successful application, we would need detailed knowledge of the programme. When applying for funding, you have to understand the social and economic impact, and you can only develop that understanding by dealing with applications on a regular basis. That’s why we brought in Subsidiefocus.”

High standards

To be eligible for funding, projects must meet both ERDF criteria and the requirements of the regional funding body, in this case Kansen voor West. ERDF application and reporting standards are much higher than those set by other funding programmes. De Boer: “We worked on the application with consultant Roy Hoven, who guided us through the long and complex process from start to finish. We’re now in the final stages. We just need to complete the administrative formalities and apply the final touches.”

Successful grant application

“Thanks to Roy, we were successful in completing the application. The collaboration went very smoothly. We were also very impressed by the flexible and proactive approach adopted by the consultants. They know so much about the programme and the additional requirements set by the regional funding bodies. Thanks to the consultants of Subsidiefocus, we were able to secure 45% of the €800,000 we need from the ERDF. We hope to secure the rest from other funding sources. We want to use this money to double the number of people working in the lab from two to four, so we can translate our technology into a successful treatment. We’re not there yet, but we’re on the way!’

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To find out more about Subsidiefocus, email Roy Hoven or call him on +31 (0)73 646 5475.

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