EIT, Funding for sustainable growth and competitiveness

20 May 2021

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is a unique EU initiative that drives innovation across Europe by uniting business, academia and research in the search for solutions to pressing global challenges.

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Roy Hoven Manager Subsidiefocus
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About EIT

EIT Innovation Communities in Horizon Europe are committed to finding solutions to a specific global challenge, from climate change and sustainable energy to healthy living and food supply. In line with its mission of creating jobs and enabling Europe to achieve sustainable economic growth, EIT aims to empower innovators and entrepreneurs across Europe to turn their best ideas into products, services, jobs and growth.

Who can apply?

There are eight EIT Innovation Communities: EIT Health, EIT Food, EIT InnoEnergy, EIT Manufacturing, EIT Raw Materials, EIT Climate and EIT Digital. Each community has developed its own programmes. EIT is likely to be of interest to any company that pursues innovation to contribute to a sustainable society.

Rules for funding

EIT issues various calls for applications. Each call has its own eligibility rules. Our consultants can tell you more about your options and help you identify the calls best suited to your area of innovation. It is important to note that EIT does not always provide financial support in the form of a grant. In some cases, successful applicants receive a loan that must be repaid, possibly with interest. EIT uses the money returned to the fund to provide new loans.

Applying for funding

Funding opportunities offered by EIT range from funding for innovation projects to special programmes for startups that provide grants and enable companies to gain access to the knowledge of experienced business professionals. Our consultants will help you identify the calls best suited to your area of interest.

More information about EIT

There are a range of funding opportunities. For more information about EIT, please contact Roy Hoven, manager Subsidiefocus, by calling +31 (0)73-6465475 or send Roy an email. He will help you understand your options and explain the rules.

For more information about EIT, please contact Roy Hoven!

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Portrait photo of Roy Hoven
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