‘Deadlines are no longer an issue’

15 March 2017

CNC Grondstoffen is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of compost and casing soil for mushroom growers. The company is a subsidiary of C4C Holding, an international group that specialises in mushroom production. CNC Grondstoffen is continuously engaged in innovation and development, so funding is very important. “Subsidiefocus takes a lot of work off our hands.”

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Caroline van der Horst, C4C Holding
mushroom growing of CNC Grondstoffen

C4C has seven offices in the Netherlands and Poland and sells its products in 26 countries. C4C is wholly owned by the CNC cooperative, which counts almost all Dutch mushroom growers among its members. Caroline van der Horst, director of Research & Development at C4C Holding, tells us more about the company’s collaboration with Subsidiefocus. “The CNC Grondstoffen Research & Development team is constantly working to improve the quality, safety and sustainability of our products, developing more sustainable production methods and preventing diseases in crops and compost.”

Innovation and development

Many of CNC’s projects develop innovative products and services. This makes them eligible for WBSO (Wet Bevordering Speur- & Ontwikkelingswerk) R&D tax credit. CNC Grondstoffen had been working successfully with Subsidiefocus for years. This led C4C Holding to approach Subsidiefocus. Van der Horst: “The Research & Development department was looking into funding opportunities. Subsidiefocus was the obvious choice. This was confirmed at our first meeting. We have now been working together successfully for more than four years.”

Peace of mind

Above all, Subsidiefocus adds value for CNC Grondstoffen by delivering peace of mind. “Subsidiefocus takes a lot of work off our hands. In my previous job, I was responsible for submitting all funding applications and descriptions with the assistance of the Accounts department. In addition to my other duties, this took up a great deal of time. Often, things had to be done last minute, because I wasn’t able to keep track of application deadlines on a daily basis. Subsidiefocus takes all this off my hands.”

Added value

Van der Horst says Subsidiefocus innovation manager Roy Hoven knows the company well. “He knows what we are working on, keeps up with the latest developments and is very good at identifying relevant funding opportunities for our projects. He notifies us of new call for proposals well in advance. This gives us time to discuss our strategy so he can prepare a strong application. Deadlines are no longer an issue. Given how busy I am, this is a huge bonus. And since we’re always working on development, I’m sure we will be working with Subsidiefocus for many years to come.”

More information

To find out more about Subsidiefocus, email Roy Hoven or call him on +31 (0)73 646 5475.

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