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    EIT, Funding for sustainable growth and competitiveness

    European Institute of Innovation and Technology is a initiative that drives innovation across Europe by uniting business, academia & research in the search for solutions to pressing global challenges.
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    EIC programme: for disruptive innovation

    Through the European Innovation Council (EIC), the EU helps companies with the commercialisation of high-risk and high-impact technologies. 
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    International opportunities for innovation

    For those who are innovating and aim to roll out their innovation and/or research worldwide: there are multiple instruments to support you in your innovation process.
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    MIT grant important for young companies that wish to be innovative

    At Next Level Electronics, they are working hard on the development of a reliable and high-quality electric PCB motor. Subsidiefocus applied for the MIT grant.
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    Technology Readiness Levels (TRL)

    Innovation programs, grants and other financing instrument for innovation often use Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) as a reference to indicate the type of projects they aim to fund.
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    Cerescon secures € 1.5 million in Horizon 2020 funding

    Subsidiefocus client Cerescon has been awarded € 1.5 million in Horizon 2020 funding for the development of an innovative asparagus harvesting machine.
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    Subsidy for collaboration in the food chain: ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’

    Collaboration is the key to success, whether working on moving towards a circular economy, creating personalized sports nutrition or whether working on the robotization of production processes.
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    Subsidy brings dream Hardt Hyperloop a step closer

    2028 should see the realisation of the first hyperloop connection. On behalf of Hardt Hyperloop Subsidiefocus has applied for the MIT R&D subsidy.
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    'Applying for subsidies is a discipline on its own'

    The entrepreneurs receive, with the aid of Subsidiefocus, subsidies for the feasibility study and prototype testing.